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  • This module requires more power than the RED can supply from the Sidekick port, so you need the external power and CTRL cable included. These connect neatly at the back/bottom of the module.
  • The 3x LM 2-pin power outputs are passed through directly at the same voltage as the Power-Input.
  • The MDR-SK does NOT have WIFI built in as it is for use with DSMC2 cameras which have integral WIFI.
  • The RED SIDEKICK is fully supported and will power and communicate normally.
  • The RED DSMC2 Side Handle is currently NOT supported due to physical warranty concerns but is undergoing testing.
  • RED DSMC2 Sidekick is NOT included.

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The Latitude Sidekick is a best-in-class 3-channel wireless lens control system for cinematographers and independent content creators. It has an operational range of up to 5000ft (1.5km) and fits seamlessly onto the side of any RED DSMC2 camera. Built for the most demanding applications, the Latitude Sidekick controls focus, iris, and/or zoom with absolute precision using 3 Teradek brushless motors or by controlling the internal motors on Canon EF and Nikon AF lenses. Its 4-Axis controller is fully configurable and utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) over the 2.4GHz band to avoid interference in extremely challenging RF conditions. The Latitude Sidekick EF Lens system is for content creators seeking to remotely control Canon EF or Nikon AF lenses on their DSMC2 camera using the lenses’ internal motors. The system can be upgraded with Teradek MK3.1 Brushless Motors. The Latitude Sidekick system comes as a kit and includes:

  • MK3.1 4-Axis Controller (RTM-3016)
  • Latitude Sidekick Receiver (RTM-4505)
  • Latitude RED CTRL Cable 25cm (RTM-8751)
  • Latitude DTAP Power Cable (RTM-8820)
  • 2m Controller Wired Mode Cable (RTM-8312)
  • Hard Case (RTM-9200)
  • Latitude Sidekick Cheeseplate (RTM-6131)
  • Neck-strap (RTM-6500)
  • LP-E6 Duracell Battery (RTM-6360)
  • LP-E6 Travel charger (RTM-6361)
  • White disc x3 (RTM-6300)

    4-Axis Controller

    The 4-Axis Controller gives you extraordinarily precise control over your lens with 4 mappable axes (knob, slider, 2x wheels) and a rugged chassis that fits comfortably in your hands. Its FHSS wireless system effectively cuts through the toughest interference and transmits latency-free commands over the 2.4GHz band at up to nearly 5000ft (1.5km). Mounted at the top of the controller is an OLED screen with intuitive menu system for calibration and reference, while the back of the controller features a removable Canon LP-E6 battery, which offers up to 36 hours of continuous runtime.


    Latitude Sidekick Motor Driver Receiver

    The Latitude Sidekick motor driver receiver is designed to fit seamlessly onto the side of any RED DSMC2 camera. It supports up to 3 motors for FIZ control (Focus, Iris, and/or Zoom) and can control run/stop on DSMC2 cameras. The system receives commands from any Teradek 4-Axis or 6-Axis Controller at up to 5000ft (1.5km) away and includes automatic or manual (softstop) calibration with a proprietary algorithm for torque control and lens protection. Since the Latitude Sidekick integrates with all RED DSMC2 cameras, it allows users to control EF/AF lens focus/iris with their own internal motors, in addition to camera shutter, ISO, run/stop and button features (2x magnification, edge, focus assist).

    • Official RED third party accessory compatible with any DSMC2 camera
    • Passes data through RED camera data pins
    • Drives up to 3 lens motors and/or electronic focus and iris on Canon & Nikon lens using their built in motors
    • The included cheeseplate, RED blanking plate, or RED Sidekick can be mounted over the Latitude Sidekick
    • 2 slave controller inputs supporting Teradek Thumbwheels, Zoomrocker, or Smartknob
    • Does not include built-in WiFi

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