Live X Uses T-RAX and CORE to Launch DJI’s Mavic Drone

Live X streams DJI's Mavic Pro Event

DJI recently announced the upcoming release of its newest device, the Mavic Drone. Because the Mavic Drone is newest in its class, DJI wanted to expand its marketing outreach as much as possible by live streaming the launch event to multiple destinations including Youtube, Facebook, Weibo, NetEase and more. Live X, a company focused on live streaming, was commissioned to produce the broadcast and chose Teradek’s T-RAX device with CORE to do it. We spoke to Corey Behnke who managed the event:

LiveX Launches DJI’s Mavic Drone with CORE from Teradek on Vimeo.

Behnke and his crew used 8 T-RAX encoders to stream to 10 different platforms simultaneously in 3 different continents. Each encoder card was set to a different resolution and bitrate and used as backup for potential interruptions on certain destinations.

The streams were then sent to two separate Sputnik servers: English to East Coast and Chinese to West Coast. This helped to reduce the latency of their transmission to China and Europe.

But at the heart of these devices is the fleet management system, CORE. It enabled Behnke’s team to manage every aspect of their broadcast through its super simple drag-and-drop interface, controlling which streams went to which destinations.

The team also used CORE to monitor the video feeds live and manage the health of the stream, ensuring bitrates are always up. Being able to manage these aspects of production ensures that Behnke can deliver the stream with utmost certainty that everything is going smoothly. If there was an issue with the broadcast, problems can be more easily identified and fixed as well. It gives the team and clients a peace of mind.

Using Teradek’s T-RAX devices with CORE, Live X was able to provide DJI with the global brand exposure they wanted to launch their Mavic drone successfully.

Check out the CORE service here.


  • Andy C

    Thanks for the feedback, Jacob! We agree. Maybe next time we should pop an on-camera light. More tools for the kit bag! Cheers.

  • Jacob George

    Very interesting information! The interview video was a bit noisy though – a better low light camera would have looked nicer. No big deal of course – just a minor observation.

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